BTV Solo

Download the BTV Solo Free Trial HERE!

BTV Solo is the newest software released by Super Producer Dallas Austin and already has some pretty incredible producers supporting this new beat maker! Producers like the Rockwilder have heavily endorsed this beat maker for both Mac & PC.


btv solo

The BTV Solo blows away DubTurbo and Dr Drum, two crappy rivals which are heavily promoted by review sites and people who have no clue about producing, don’t click on those sites if you see them.

Below is a list of high profile producers who endorse the BTV!

btv solo

This was once available as a hardware device but as the times progressed and people began using laptops and computers to make beats. Now it’s all packed into an awesome beat making software package that works with both the Mac & PC!


The auto chop for samples and sampling is like no other! For the price which I think is still only $40 it’s well worth it! Click below to download the BTV Solo FREE for 60 days!

btv solo

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